Develop Critical Thinking in Times of War

Implementation period: April 15, 2022- September 30, 2022

Financing organization: 

Institute for War & Peace Reporting UK, under the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)


Project goal: Strengthening critical thinking in order to diminish the impact of misinformation during the war period

1. Enhance the citizens' analysis and critical thinking capacity through specific media education activities, including publication and dissemination of debunked media products promoting critical consumption of information in print, online and social media;


2. Form and develop abilities of critical consumption of information through meetings with media product consumers in all country's regions.

1. Increasing the capacity of journalists to document and dismantle falsehoods and misinformation by training them about  fact-checking tools;


2. Organizing 8 media-consumers meetings in rural regions of the country and 5 media literacy activities for people with different professional backgrounds, such as teachers, social workers, doctors, police officers, and others who enjoy the trust and have influence in their local communities;


3. Developing a thematic critical thinking education page about misinformation in the context of the war in Ukraine and publish it in print and online media;


4. Debunking and producing 10 articles, including profiles based on statements of some politicians, political analysts, church officers, and other pro-Russian influence agents to identify disinformation narratives; 


5. Producing and distributing a cycle of one monthly video for 5 months.