The Association of Independent Press (API) of the Republic of Moldova is a non-commercial organisation that promotes and assists the sustainable development of media organisations and independent journalists at national and regional level by strengthening professional capacities, increasing resilience and improving public policies in the media field. 


API is a voluntary association set up to support politically unaffiliated media institutions. API was founded by representatives of the first local independent newspapers: "Accent Provincial" (Glodeni), "Business-info" / now "Gazeta de Sud" (Cimislia), "Cugetul" (Balti), "Cuvântul" (Rezina), "Est-Curier" (Criuleni), "Gazeta de Vest" (Nisporeni) and the news agencies BASA-Press (Chisinau) and DECA-Press (Balti).


The idea of the API was the brainchild of American journalist Judy Yablonky. While on a fact-finding visit to Moldova, she suggested that the heads of independent media outlets join together in a non-governmental organisation to help each other and defend their rights.


The Independent Press Association (API) was officially registered with the Ministry of Justice on 29 September 1997, making it the first association of its kind in the republic.


API is one of the most important media organisations in Moldova promoting and assisting the independent press, it is appreciated for its media campaigns in different areas of public interest and its advocacy for media development, defending freedom of expression, access to information and promoting journalistic self-regulation.


We promote democracy, freedom of the press, human rights and an open society.