Active Informing and Promotion of Human Rights and Equal Access to Justice for all Citizens

Implementation period: October 1, 2021 – November 30, 2022

Financing organization: Millennium DPI Partners/U.S. Department of State


Project goal: Promoting rights and improving access to justice for people from vulnerable groups

1. Raise legal awareness and facilitate access to justice for vulnerable and minority groups through a series of media products;

2. Facilitate the access of human rights and justice NGOs to the media;

3. Increase the legal knowledge and stimulate legal thinking of youth through interactive activities.

1. Produce and broadcast TV shows to inform and educate citizens with limited access to justice;

2. Produce and publish thematic articles in print and online media, and broadcast radio reports;

3. Carry out public discussions on human rights and access to justice;

4. Carry out interactive thematic competitions to increase the legal knowledge of young people.