Training and Transfer of Good Practices for the Professionalization of Independent Media

Implemented period: June 16, 2021 – August 31, 2022


Financing organization: US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova


Project goal: To strengthen the knowledge and professional skills of journalists of API member newsrooms in view of enhancing their abilities to cover the reality objectively and in a well-documented manner and to contribute to the promotion of democratic values

1. Professionalize of 108 journalists and managers of API member media outlets through a cycle of 6 theoretical–practical trainings and thematic monitoring sessions;

2. Enhance the knowledge and professional skills of 34 independent media staff members by studying the experience of their colleagues from other countries during 2 study visits to EU member states, Eastern Partnership countries;

3. Stimulate the inter-newsroom assistance through 6 sessions of good practices transfer and one internship program with 8 beneficiaries.

1. Organizing thematic training programs and experience exchange workshops for reporters, photoreporters and media managers;


2. Carrying out an internship program in Chisinau for journalists, representing API media members;


3. Internal monitoring of the editorial contents of API member media outlets, assessing newsroom observance of the provisions of the Moldovan Journalist’s Code of Ethics, of API bylaws and internal rules (Regulation on the Cooperation of Media Outlets Represented in API with Public Authorities; Regulation on Posting Political and Electoral Advertising in Media Outlets Represented in API);


4. Organizing 2 study visits for media managers and reporters, in one of the EU member states, and respectively, in one of the Eastern Partnership countries.