About Misinformation from Door to Door

Implementation period:  July 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023

Financing organization:  International Media Support (IMS)


Project goal: Developing critical thinking and promoting media education in the Moldovan society, especially in rural areas

1. To strengthen the knowledge in the field of critical development of 15 collaborators from the network of STOP FALS Campaign collaborators;


2. To diminish the impact of manipulation and propaganda and to reduce the number of manipulated people through educating media consumers, especially in rural areas, to identify manipulation and false or biased information.

1. Organize two workshops for 15 selected collaborators who will be trained on new disinformation and manipulation techniques, including how to verify information about war misinformation.


2. Publish a STOP FALS! newsletter and disseminate it in rural localities;


3. Organize 30 de media education meetings in different regions of the country.