Ethics Committee


API's Ethics Commission is a specialised advisory body within API, created to contribute to the accountability of the Association's members towards media consumers by promoting quality journalism and respect for ethical principles. The members of the Ethics Commission give their opinion, by way of recommendation, on the monitoring reports and reports of the API Ombudsman, as well as on the complaints received, in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Journalists in the Republic of Moldova.


According to the decision of the API Board of Directors of 16 January 2009, the API Ethics Commission consists of five members - two members of API and three persons from outside the organisation. Members of the Ethics Commission are elected for a period of two years and may be re-elected for a maximum of two more consecutive terms.


By decisions of the General Assembly of 3 May 2012 and the Board of Directors of 23 June 2012, the following were elected to the API Ethics Commission:


- Lilia Rusu (Curchi), editor-coordinator of the magazine "Natura",

- Alina Mazureac (Radu), director of the weekly newspaper "Ziarul de Gardă",

- Vitalie Zamă, lawyer at the public organisation "Lawyers for Human Rights",

- Vasile Spinei, president of the Centre for the Promotion of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information "Access-info".

- Vasile Botnaru, director of the Chisinau office of the radio station "Free Europe".



Rules of the Ethics Committee



API Ombudsman


Since 1 September 2013, API has established the function of API Ombudsman.

The main task of the API Ombudsman is to monitor the content of the publications represented in API with regard to compliance with the rules laid down in the Code of Ethics of Journalists in the Republic of Moldova. The API Ombudsman also requests explanations from editors, journalists and other members of the editorial staff on ethical problems identified and recommends solutions to these problems.

By decision of the API Ethics Committee from 22 August 2013 until December 2016, based on an open competition, the position of Ombudsman was held by Inga Burlacu.



API Ombudsman job description