Committee of Censors


In order to exercise control over the management of the Association and the activity of the administrator, the General Assembly of Members may appoint one or more auditors or may decide to have its activity audited annually by an external auditor.


Duties of the Board of Auditors:


 - to draw up an annual report on the financial activity of the organisation and submit it to the General Assembly,

 - it shall report to the General Assembly of Members or to another body provided for in the Articles of Association if it has ascertained facts which are contrary to the law or the Articles of Association and which have caused or may cause considerable damage to the Association.


On 19 June 2020, the API General Assembly of Members elected the following persons to the Censors' Committee:


Constantin Rotaru, member, director, "Gazeta Satelor" newspaper;

Lilia Curchi, member, editor-coordinator, "Natura" magazine;

Vitalie Cazacu, journalist, member API natural person.