Board of Directors and Executive Director


Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Association which is subordinate to the General Assembly of Members. The number of members of the Board of Directors is odd and may not be less than 5 (five). Only natural persons designated in accordance with the API Statutes may be members of the Board of Directors. The President and Vice-President of the Association are automatically members of the Board of Directors.


Duties of the Board of Directors of the Association:


 – approves the Development Strategy and the main directions of the Association's activity, presenting them for approval to the General Assembly of Members;

 – allocates tasks among the members of the Board of Directors;

 – reports on the work of the Board of Directors;

 – ensures the implementation of decisions and reports to the General Assembly of Members;

 – convenes the General Assembly of Members of the Association;

 – approves statements on behalf of the Association;

 – on the proposal of the Executive Director, approves the employment scheme of the employees of the Association;

 – determines the amount and method of payment of the Association's membership fees;

 – elects/appoints and dismisses the Executive Director and evaluates his/her work;

 – examines the reports on the current activities of the Association prepared by the President, the Vice-President of the Association or the Executive Director;

 – approves binding regulations for the members of the Association;

 – approves the internal policies of the Association;

 – ensures that the Association complies with the rules of ethics laid down in the non-commercial sector;

 – decides on all matters which do not fall within the exclusive competence of other bodies of the Association.


At the General Assembly of 12 December 2021, the following composition of the API Board of Directors was elected:


Elena Cobăsneanu, president of API, director, newspaper "Observatorul de Nord" (Soroca),

Elena Motricală, vice-president of API, director, newspaper "Est-Curier" (Criuleni),

Veaceslav Perunov, member, director, newspaper "SP" (Balti),

Alina Radu, member, director, "Ziarul de Gardă",

Victoria Popa, member, director, newspaper "Gazeta de Chisinau",

Mihail Sirkeli, member, director, portal,

Constantin Grigoriță, member, photojournalist.


Executive Director


The Association is managed by the Executive Director, who is a natural person appointed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director cannot be a member of the Board of Directors.


Duties of the Executive Director:


 – manage the work of the Association;

 – represents the Association in relation to public authorities and third parties;

 – executes the decisions of the management, administration and control bodies of the Association;

 – manages the means of the Association, concludes transactions and signs contracts, draws up budgets, issues powers of attorney, opens bank accounts, signs other financial documents;

 – signs the Articles of Association, in their new wording, or the additional act concerning the amendment of the Articles of Association, adopted by the General Assembly of Members, if no other person is appointed by the General Assembly of Members;

 – shall draw up an annual report on the activities of the Association and submit it to the General Assembly of Members for approval;

 – ensures the publication of the annual report on the activity of the Association;

 – administers the projects implemented by the Association, signs the narrative and financial reports for the donors;

 – performs other duties provided for by law.


Since March 2006, the Executive Director of API is Petru Macovei.