API’s Communication strategy for the period 2013-2014


API’s Communication strategy for the period 2013-2014itting of API Board of Directors from 19 July 2013.

In order to promote its image, API set forth several objectives:

- Enhancing the viability of API and API-member newspapers, as part of an organisation promoting independent and professional mass-media;

- Assuring the partners/donor organisations of being totally transparent in the developed activity;

- Augmenting API’s involvement in the decision-taking process at a national level.

Having regard to the organizational form (API is composed of member constituents) and the peculiarities of its activities, API conducts its communication on two segments: internal (with API members – independent mass-media and natural person members) and external (national and international institutions and organisations, including mass-media, donors, etc.). In this respect, API constantly employs at least 18 information and communication instruments for promoting its image. Occasionally, it makes use of at least 10 such information and communication instruments.



API Communication Strategy 2013-2014