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The Integrity Lights: “Each Fourth Member of the Current Parliament Has Severe Integrity Issues in Performing Their Public Functions”
Inițiativa Civică pentru un Parlament Curat 2019 prezintă „semaforul” integrității Parlamentului ales la 24 februarie curent
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The organizations constituent of the 2019 Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament 2019 (CICP) have presented today the ‘Lights’ of the Parliament elected on 24 February inst. The MPs received red, yellow or green dots, based on four integrity criteria, where the red dot means ‘not meeting the criteria’, the yellow dot – ‘partly meeting the criteria’, and the green one – ‘meeting the criteria for the most part’. The four criteria established by CICP are: 1. Integrity in political work; 2. Integrity in managing personal assets and interests; 3. Integrity in performing one’s public and/or party functions; and 4. Criminal records. The “Integrity Lights” were presented during a round table organized by CICP.

For the first integrity criterion (Integrity in political work), 12 MPs received red dots, meaning “they have changed parties, either with different doctrines, or have taken oaths or made sworn statements about not changing their party, but have done it. Other 13 MPs received yellow dots i.e. “they have either changed their party but had not taken public oaths about leaving it, and yet, have changed from one party to another, with a different doctrine, and are not stable in embracing certain values,” explained Igor Boțan, Director of the Association for Participatory Democracy “ADEPT”. Seventy-six MPs in the Moldovan Parliament of 10th legislature received green dots under this criterion.

For the second criterion (Integrity in managing personal assets and interests), 15 MPs have red dots, 30 MPs have yellow dots, and the other 56 – green dots. “Very many candidates for member of the parliament have failed to duly declare their assets and have come into the sight of the National Integrity Authority (NIA); however, NIA has hesitated to ascertain those violations. Some officials forget to declare their bank accounts or property owned. In documenting the profiles of the candidates for members of the parliament, we encountered many problems, including access to information and to some databases and portals, created with the support of Moldova’s donors, but which are not working, such as, for instance, the portals of judicial institutions, Court of Accounts reports or the financial reports of political parties,” specified Cornelia Cozonac, President of the Center for Investigative Journalism.

The worst results in the assessment of the integrity of the newly elected members of the Parliament were obtained under the third criterion (Integrity in performing one’s public and/or party functions), where 28 red dots, 25 yellow dots, and 48 green dots were granted. “Virtually, each fourth Member of the current Parliament has severe integrity issues in performing their public functions. This means that a critical mass of the persons elected to the current Parliament had violated the essential principles of public funds management in the positions they had held, either in the interests of their relatives or close people, or of their party,” pointed out Petru Macovei, Executive Director of the Association of Independent Press (API).

Of the 101 MPs, three have red dots under the fourth integrity criterion, named ‘criminal records’. Galina Bostan, President of the Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, noted, “from the MPs’ perspective, the assessment of this criterion can be considered the most objective one. From the perspective of public interest, however, considering that many MPs are suspected of wrongdoings, the fact that the law enforcement do not react in any way raises big concerns. Unfortunately, the state machinery refuses to take actions when there are problems with the politicians or when they are generated by politicians’ acts.”

The round table “Moldovan Parliament of Tenth Legislature: Integrity Deficiencies” was attended by some MPs, political party representatives, anticorruption experts, investigative journalists and other persons, who expressed their opinions therein.

For the infographics of the “Integrity Lights” for each criterion, click here.

To watch the round table, click here.

The Civic Initiative “For A Clean Parliament 2019” is set up by a group of nongovernmental organizations that, based on some integrity indicators, monitored both the lists of candidates presented by the political parties with chances of acceding to the future Parliament, and other potential candidates of political parties or independent candidates in the national constituency and in uninominal constituencies. The founding organizations of the Civic Initiative for A Clean Parliament carried out similar monitoring of the candidates in the parliamentary elections of 2009 and 2014.

For more details, please contact Diana Lungu, Communication Coordinator of API, by phone at: 022 210602 or by email at: diana.lungu@api.md


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