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Statements: The draft law on amending the Audiovisual Code is obscure and aims to rule some TV channels out of the media market
Participanții la Clubul de discuții analizează eficiența proiectului de lege privind modificarea Codului audiovizualului
Foto: API

The Association of Independent Press (API) organized a sitting of Discussion Club „STOP FALS!” on the topic – protection of national information space against internal and foreign propaganda. The discussions took place in the context in which the Parliament of Republic of Moldova is organizing public debates tomorrow, 26th July, on the margin of two draft laws for completing and amending the Audiovisual Code (draft law no. 125 prepared by the Liberal Party, and draft law no. 218 prepared by the Democrat Party). According to some journalists and media experts, both draft laws are confusing and foresee elements which tend to promote disloyal competition on the audio-visual market; and the attempt to adopt them is part of a strategy for preparing for presidential elections, in an effort to ensure mass-media’s loyalty.

„Although the chairperson of the Parliamentary commission for media has promised to merge these draft laws with the new draft Audiovisual Code (adopted in the first reading), it is noticeable that the government is pushing the separate adoption of these draft documents. In my opinion, the draft law no. 218, prepared by the Democrat Party, pursues to „purge” specific TV channels from the audio-visual market, since not all broadcasters afford now to produce national content at the quotas indicated in the draft law. Instead of creating conditions to stimulate the growth of local product bulk and quality, the MPs impose restrictions that are convenient to some media owners. At the same time, the Democrat Party’s document is raising other question marks, such as: excluding the provision by which the emission license can be withdrawn only after consumption of all other modalities of gradual punishment; or, limiting the conditions for broadcasters to be under jurisdiction of Republic of Moldova”, Petru Macovei, API executive director, specified.

The legal advisor Eugen Rîbca highlighted the confusions produced by draft law no. 218. „Even if the authors are striving to present it as a solution meant to protect the national information space, the draft law will not bring any improvements in reality. I would like to remind you of the fact that European experts have negatively assessed this initiative, mentioning at least five violations of European standards with regard to the freedom of expression. The draft document has nothing to do with propaganda diminution. As a matter of fact, conditions of disloyal competition are created, with severe punishments, which makes us see it as preparation for the autumn elections”.

Also, Ion Bunduchi, director of Association of Electronic Press, is doubtful about the efficiency of draft law no. 218. „This draft document has been selectively copied from the draft Audiovisual Code. To interdict something is not a democratic exercise. We must counteract propaganda, but not by prohibiting other TV channels”.

„The manner in which this draft law has been forcedly promoted over the last days is illustrative of the fact that its authors are cheating. The Advisory Board established by the chairperson of Parliamentary commission for media agreed on one thing, in reality – something else is happening. We would like to see a real wish on behalf of authorities for making changes in the field, but not promoting private interests. If the ruling officials lack the necessary financial resources, then they should at least be open and supportive in our activities”, Nadine Gogu, director of Independent Journalism Center, specified, reminding of the need to promote media-related education in educational institutions.

The political scientist Lasha Tughushi, director of Foundation “European initiative –Tbilisi Liberal Academy” from Georgia, was online via skype. He spoke about Georgia’s experience in fighting propaganda, including the recommendations he had addressed to Georgian authorities in the sector, external influence upon Georgian mass-media and interference of local politicians. „Transparency is imperative, and not only media ownership transparency, but also transparency of financial means. It is very important to know the origin of money flowing into media. In Georgia, the law obliges media institutions to publish data about any transfer that exceeds three thousand dollars. Similarly, the state funds intended for some media institutions must be transparent and there should be explanations for the money distribution criteria”.

Alina Radu, director of investigative publication „Ziarul de Gardă”, suggested to media organizations to sign and publish a memorandum, in which they would explain the deficiencies of draft laws promoted by governing officials and request that media institutions should be obliged to make public their sources of financing.

The event was organized within the framework of Media campaign against false and biased information STOP FALS!, conducted by the Association of Independent Press (API), Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and Association of Independent TV Journalists in Moldova (ATVJI).

For details, please contact Diana Lungu, API communication officer, at the following telephone number: 0 22 210602 or e-mail address: diana.lungu@api.md.


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