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API este membru al Asociaţiei Mondiale a Ziarelor şi a Producătorilor de Ştiri
(World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers – WAN/IFRA)

Resolution of the 2018 Media Forum of the Republic of Moldova

The participants in the 2018 Media Forum approve the following resolution:

  1. Reiterating the firm conviction that the democratic development of the Republic of Moldova is impossible without fully respecting the principles of freedom of press and freedom of speech, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and other documents and international conventions to which our country is a party;
  2. Reconfirming the commitment of the journalists community and line associations to contribute to building in the country an environment favorable to the development of the media on democratic principles and based on loyal competition;
  3. Realizing that journalists and media outlets must effectively exert their mission of democracy watchdogs, convey different opinions in issues of major public interest, for an accurate coverage of reality and honest informing of the public, and a democratic governance must secure conditions for media functioning in the public interest;

The Media Forum:

  1. Notes with concern a degradation of media freedom during 2018; worsened work conditions for journalists, displayed through a reduced level of transparency of public institutions and limited access to some categories of public interest information; an increased number of cases of intimidation and harassment of journalists in connection with their work, but also lack of adequate reaction to such cases from the public institutions. Thus, the profession of journalist is not effectively protected and impunity may encourage new attacks on media professionals;
  2. Appreciates the results of the work of experts and civil society representatives in the Working Group for Improving Media Legislation, in general, and in the working subgroups, in particular, an activity that has resulted in drafting of some legislative acts and adoption of two legal acts important for the development of the media on democratic principles. At the same time, it condemns the lack of transparency and the selective attitude of the members of the parliament to the draft laws developed, part of which have remained unpassed;
  3. Expresses its concern about the further reduction in the quality of media products offered by multiple media outlets and their involvement in political partisanship, displayed through the promotion of political entities and discrediting of their political opponents;         

The Media Forum requests the authorities:

  • To renounce the declarative, selective and formalist approach in reforming the legal framework regulating the activities of the media in the country, the promotion of the interests of some groups of media owners, and to expedite the enforcement of European standards in the field of press freedom and the good international practices in this area;
  • To secure the development, consulting with media experts and the journalists community, adoption and implementation of coherent public policies for media development, set out by the National Concept of Media Development in the Republic of Moldova;
  • To safeguard the full observance of the Law on Access to Information, by penalizing/discouraging the practices of refusing supplying public interest information;
  • To secure access to information by modern electronic means, presenting complex and exhaustive information on the websites of public authorities; to reduce or to eliminate the costs for accessing information from the Public Services Agency, requested by journalists and media outlets; to eliminate the vicious practice of confusing requests for information with petitions;
  • To stop the abusive interpretation of the national legislation and of the European directive on the protection of private data;
  • To secure the investigation and efficient sanctioning of cases of intimidation of and attack on journalists;
  • To secure equal conditions for media outlets and exclude clientele attitudes in granting licenses for broadcasting, press distribution etc.;
  • To secure the functionality of the free publicity market and free competition, penalizing cartel understandings;
  • To initiate amendments to the legislation to include media outlets in the list of potential beneficiaries of the percentage designation, so that individual taxpayers are able to designate 2% of their income tax for supporting media outlets;
  • To initiate drafting of a strategy for supporting the development of media outlets in the Moldovan regions;
  • The State Company “Poșta Moldovei” to ensure pertinent and correct contract conditions for the timely distribution of periodicals to all subscribers;
  • The Broadcast Coordinating Council (BCC) to monitor efficiently the broadcast outlets to prevent concentration of media ownership and identify and sanction the cases of manipulation of information and distribution of fakes;
  • To revise and complete the Program of transition from ground analog TV to ground digital TV, introducing clearer rules for broadcasters in the transition process.

The Media Forum urges journalists and media outlets:           

  • To create mechanisms of solidarization in cases of inadequate behavior from the authorities, parties and other social players;
  • To follow strictly the deontological norms and professional standards;
  • To not get involved in denigration and media lynching campaigns, regardless of their purpose;
  • To permanently develop their professional capacities in order to offer a qualitative journalistic product to the public.                              

30 November 2018,


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